The incest of Gulmohar

Morning streak swept past ,

The lanes ahead embellished with her adorns

had a secret tale to unfold .

Trail of the night prior, they behold.

Night before, hummer breeze rose like a valorous knight

Kneeled past her seeking sanction to woo,

To which she rustled her leaves like laughs of gentle tease.

As though she was more than pleased.

The woods around jolted at their display of affection.

The flurry was like the hush of tattlers,

Who witnessed a new piece of news to trade .

The clouds pulled the veil and dimmed the light

She danced along and shied, to bait.

Every time he tried to whisper or whisks her hair

She glided past letting the breeze past abreast.

Dodging all attempts to clench

And putting his efforts in vain.

She showed tantrums like implausible

muffled and flirted with the raindrops ,

They played along and swayed along.

Unaware of charade, envied wind hustled them so hard

Till every drop of rain slid away.

The mellow hummers set the perfect undertone

For all the emotions and passion to swirl along.

Finally he made a passionate whirl to the waltz,

Ruffled her and swept her off the buds.

As she lay on lane beneath with undisclosed love

The whole wild wood tattled about the incest of gulmohar.


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