Breakup over a coffee

The coffee brewed as their souls smoldered .

The rain drops beyond the window eavesdropped and passed by as they were fed with nothing but silence.

Duo sat across the table trying to read each other and holding volumes to divvy,

But all the clogged emotions ended,

in his sigh and in her aborted tears.


They reminisced as they were in a moment together after long

how their preferences bifurcated ….

He choose to chase the moon for her, but failed to reckon the glow of her eyes.

While She trailed behind yearning for his silent holds in moon lit night.

As the turmoils of reality snipped her fairy tale

She felt like the detached kite,

disowned by the string which she believed to belong.

Nor being a part of the sky which she presumed to own.


None wished to wrong the other,

But they couldn’t see their love being throttled and  decided to free it .

“So this is it” he said as they parted on a coffee.

And the “please stay” he wrote with spilled drops gleamed as they walked away


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