tHE wAit


Hey….. Where are you? she whispered

The plush bed and her wine wet lips waited for his caresse .

She hushed the world around,

And played  music that could drown them into the depths of night.

The white sheet and her long locks

Swayed to the strokes of the stealthy wind.

The lights were  dimmed ,

She  slithered  and shut her eyes hoping his hands to clasp her tight.

Hey where are you?  Her whispers turned to clammers

Still there was no trace of him

Time went by and finally the knock was heard

It was not him… But mommy dearest call for wake.

Sleep ditched her last night too

As she kept waiting for him to  come.

She savoured memories of no qualm-

nights of childhood days,

and wished some day she could mend her ways with her long lost love.




#pic credit to owner



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