Everyone has a Story #Review

Book details

Book Title: Everyone has a  story
Author: Savi Sharma,    Language: English
Publisher: Westland ltd
Total Number of Pages: 175


“Everyone is a writer, some are written in the books and some are confined to hearts “says Savi Sharma’s through her debut novel “Everyone Has a story”. The writer seems to have weaved the entire story on this concept. The book is a light read with day to day characters and premise, probably the reason this book was a runaway success. There is no much complexity in understanding the book neither in plot nor in narration so the reader can easily skim through pages. One thing noticeable about the book is the fact that there are narrations by Meera and Vivaan , the main protagonists which gives the reader a chance to know each of their  minds. The musing like conversations the author has delivered through various characters might not be enjoyable to all but somewhere down the line they are relatable. Be it about love or life.

The plot could have been more convincing if the readers were given a multi dimensional view of characters life and a better perspective of their background or whereabouts. Here the author has conveyed the entire story through two pairs Meera – Vivaan and Kabir _Nisha  ,in the premise of a cafe mostly. The book is about Meera an aspiring writer who finds a story for her debut novel in a guy she meets in a Cafe run by Kabir .The guy is Vivaan , an Assistant manager in Citibank. Meera gets intrigued by the mysterious nature of this man and develops a fondness for him.  Vivaan becomes instrumental in letting both Meera and readers know about Nisha , Kabir’s love interest as well as about his dreams. Vivaan is a person who doesn’t like to stick to one place and wish to travel the world. Basically he wants to escape from everything including his mundane life and past too. Later on Meera and Vivaan’s love has to pay a heavy price for this trait of his. The story is about how their relation evolves over the period and how Meera’s dream of writing culminates.

There is not much you invest in the story as in time or emotions probably that’s the reason the takeaways are mere too. Vivaan says at one point “ I take a piece of each place I visit” ,I feel its applicable to books as well .You take something from every book ,a piece stays with you but in this book once I finished reading not much lingered around . The events were too sudden and dramatic you couldn’t actually feel their depth .Probably a little more detailing especially about the other facets of characters would have made things more authentic and the plot stronger.

Overall it’s a light read. It gives a motivation to believe in your dreams and second chances in life. One thing book emphasises is to love hard and forgive mistakes. Not only other people’s mistakes, but your own as well. Let go and live life to fullest.



About Author: Savi Sharma the author is from Surat, India. She self published this novel first, which was later acquired by Westland ltd. She is the co-founder of motivational media blog ‘Life and People” where she writes about law of attraction, positivity, spirituality, travelling and storytelling.



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