A silent dictum

My poem on  Maitreya Statue of Buddha -33 metre shown ,symbol of peace facing Pakistan in Nubra Valley in Indo -Pak border , Ladakh.


Amidst the lofty snow clad peaks

Guarding all his beloved cliques,

Below the canopy of splendorous sky

Saving valley from age old wry,

Resides Maithreya in the hope of peace

Wishing odium across the border shall soon cease.


 Either side of border line

Had pretty much the same destine,

Still they probed every crossing soul

Except breeze and cloud that abide no rule.

Petty human showed each other hatred face

Forgetting all belonged to same human race.


His hands gestured symbol of calm

Inviting embrace across, free from qualm.

 Authorizing drift of every tranquil cloud

 So no mother has to cry over her child’s shroud.

He reined the alluring valley

Hoping peace for every human in the alley .



The poem was initially published in  @jullaeofficial  and the pic credit goes to them


2 thoughts on “A silent dictum

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  1. Really impressive piece of writing. I can find strenght and talent in the words and letters that you used. This is really a good read. You are amazing. Hey, I am Ragazza, I hoep you could follow my blog page if you don’t mind. Cheers! 🙂

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