Author Interview-Zarreen Khan

Author Zarreen Khan has published her second Book:  Koi Good News?.  The book is:

  The hilarious private journal of a highly public pregnancy 

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and had given a detail review of the book : Review -Koi Good News .      Here I have a chat with  Zarreen Khan , to know more about the author and  her  experience of writing this book .

Author Bio


Zarreen Khan is a marketing professional , a consumer insight specialist . After working for Pepsi, Hindustan Times , ACNielsen for ten years she is currently on a break (though in her words , looking after two kids doesn’t qualify as a break ). She stays in Delhi with family. Zarreen’s first book, I Quit Now What ? was published in 2017 . Koi Good New ?,is her second book .  Twitter 



Q1. “Koi Good News? “is getting good response , Share a bit about your book and    
 the inspiration behind it.

 Koi good news is a really fun book about an urban couple’s journey through their pregnancy. It’s a story told from the point of view of the two protagonists- Mona and her husband, Ramit who have been married four years and battled the question on starting a family day in and day out by their really large families and friends. It is their inner most thoughts on how they feel about such intrusion in their lives and eventually about their journey through the pregnancy. The inspiration for the book was observing how people like us deal with such hilarious invasion  of our lives.

Q2. Tell us about the journey of being a writer and process of getting published .

I’m still very new to writing. I haven’t studied it formally nor have I written much before – nothing that was read by anyone beyond my immediate family. My first novel, I Quit, Now what was released last year and this is my second one. Both my books have been published by different houses and therefore it’s been a great learning experience.

Q3. This book is a family drama , so generally people have a tendency to draw parallels with your personal life . So how did you and your family respond to it?

It’s very difficult not to draw inspiration from people around you. My family loved the book! They laughed out loud and quoted it for days. They’re perpetually trying to figure out who is who from the book even though I maintain it is purely (or mostly!) fictitious!

Q4. Congrats that the book will be seen as movie soon … how did that happen?

The team at Harper Collins India really believed in the book right from the start. They thought the story lends itself beautifully to the silver screen and therefore pitched it. A production house has bought the optioning rights and I’m thrilled that it gives the story and characters a chance to reach out to people who don’t generally read books.

Q5. The book is a hysterical , is there any humorous experience or hilarious  reaction you  received from readers ?

I love the fact that people are getting a good laugh out of it. People are telling me they are laughing so much they practically had to read out parts to their spouse. And one of my friends told me she was thrown out of the room by her sleeping husband for laughing out loudly in the middle of the night. The fact that it’s making people laugh is so flattering.

Q6. Is there any general writing process or rituals you follow in writing?

I am now a mum or two. Processes and rituals are things of the past. At one point of time I would write when the kids would sleep. Now I’m so exhausted I only catch up on my sleep. I only need peace and the insistent scratching of an idea to get going.

Q7. What got you interested in writing? What are your inspirations?

You know, I really can’t remember. I have piles of old registers filled with my scrawl handwriting that I seemed to have filled when I was 8 years old or maybe younger. I’ve always been writing- secretly or otherwise. But then again, everyone in my family reads! We’re always surrounded by books. My grandmother was the most gifted storyteller in the world. My father had the world’s best sense of humour. My mum’s a voracious reader. My husband really believed in my ability to write. Maybe it was a combination that got me here.

Q8. What are the kinds of books you enjoy and any author who has inspired you?

I enjoy light reads especially the ones that make me laugh. Like almost everyone out there I’m a Harry Potter fan. And I’m a Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy fan.

Q9. What are your other writing  ventures ?

I have two books out in the market. I’m sure I’ll be adding to the bouquet soon.

Q 10. Any writing tips or advice you would like to share with aspiring writers?

If you love writing, write. Tell that story that’s creeping up in your mind. Spend time on building your characters. Live them, breathe them. And then edit the manuscript multiple times till you think this is what you would like to read.


Thank you Zarreen Khan for the genuine response throughout our interactions  and for taking out time to answer these questions . The only request she made was not to post actress Zarreen Khan pics in place of hers , which I have happily Obliged  😛

Author’s Published Books are:




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