keepers of the Kalachakra #BookReview

Book Title: keepers of the Kalachakra
Author: Ashwin  Sanghi
Format: Paper Back
Language: English
Publisher: Westland Publications Private Limited 
Total Number of Pages:  406 pages


The name of the book drew me into keepers of the Kalachakra…. it  made me curious ,as to know who the keepers of “Kalachakra ” or  time wheel were?. Guess what, I took part in a giveaway and won a signed copy …yippee!

This was the first time I had a taste of Ashwin Sanghi’s writing and was totally bowled over by his story telling style. The book is a wide pallet touching various areas, a unique blend of Indian mythology , quantum physics and contemporary world politics. It is observed that age old Indian Vedas and mythology aligned very much with many cutting edge science discoveries made down the line. These intriguing similarities full potential  are  utilised masterfully by the author in developing the gripping plot of this book.


A seemingly random selection of heads of state are struck down like flies by unnamed killers who work with the clinical efficiency of butchers. Except that they leave no trace of their methods. Welcome back to the shadowy and addictive world of Ashwin Sanghi. After The Rozabal Line, Chanakya’s Chant, The Krishna Key and The Sialkot Saga, Ashwin Sanghi returns at last with another quietly fearsome tale—this time of men who guard the ‘Kalachakra’ or The Wheel of Time.

Sanghi describes a world of people at war with one another—a boomeranging conflict of faiths that results in acts of such slow and planned human cruelty that they defy human imagination. Caught in the midst of this madness is Vijay Sundaram, a geek scientist who is only dimly aware that the wider sky outside his laboratory is stretched taut and close to being torn apart by forces that he wants simply to have nothing to do with.

But events conspire to propel Vijay into the labyrinth of Milesian Labs, a centre of research deep in the forested hills of Uttarakhand. What he stumbles upon is a primordial clue to a galactic secret that could accelerate the downward spiral of humankind. Trapped and wholly unaware of his actual foe, Vijay races against time to save humanity—and himself.

Zigzagging from Rama’s crossing to Lanka to the birth of Buddhism; from the origin of Wahhabism to the Einsteinian gravitational wave-detectors of LIGO; from the charnel-grounds of naked tantric practitioners to the bespoke suits of the Oval Office; and from the rites of Minerva, shrouded in frankincense, to the smoke-darkened ruins of Nalanda, Keepers of the Kalachakra is a journey that will have you gasping for breath—but one that you cannot abandon till all the pieces of the jigsaw come together.

Till you come up gobsmack against an end that you simply did not see coming.

My Take and takeaways 

The story begins with a prologue where an assassination attempt is made on the Canadian Prime Minister  during USA visit , which sets the curiosity parameter high right from the word go. The book proceeds through untitled chapters dealing with  various events happening at different places which may  seem disintegrated at the beginning but of course later fall into place and make complete sense . The plot is built on the basis of  detailed research sighting science and mythological stories that readers need to keep their comprehension skills on alert. Really like the fact that similar to Christopher Nolan movies writer has taken the liberty to trust the readers sensibilities . The only issue was that ,more than half of the book  is about setting the plot and data needed for story  that in the process the main plot kind of slightly dwarfed .  Its absolutely wonderful when the fiction navigates through facts because that helps to take the reader into trust and we kind of start believing the fiction to be part of facts as well. Some of the characters were well thought out especially  Mikhailov and Brahmanand brought that mystique nature which gives an edge to story . Towards the end there was a handful happening and I felt if the explanations towards end were crisp ,the climax could be even more impactful . Overall it was an enriching journey and  was a pleasure reading those parts where historic references and modern science theories  perfectly aligned .

If you enjoy Science , Mythology genre this is a double treat you have ample amount of both and  an interesting narration as well. The book was informative at the same time engaging and I absolutely recommend it .



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